Today was a sad day for the nation as they came together to mourn the loss of Canada's oldest and longing serving officer, Colonel David Llyod Hart. With a funeral service that took place this afternoon, many Canadians took to Twitter to express their condolences for Hart, who had passed away Wednesday at the age of 101. Hart served more than 80 years in the Canadian army and was a World War II veteran. 

Hart was born in July 1917 in Montreal and enlisted in the army in 1937. Since then, he has served with the Canadian army for over 80 years and had taken on a variety of roles in his lifetime. One of these roles was a communications operator during World War II where he later received a military medal for bravery. 

Hart was also part of the raid on Dieppe in 1942, where out of the 5,000 Canadians that were present in the battle, 3,400 were either captured, injured or killed. Before his death, Hart recalled the raid by saying "there was mortar fire and there were machine-gun nests in the cliffs,". 

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Hart left active duty in 1965, but that didn't stop him from still being a part of the Canadian forces. Hart served in a variety of honorary positions and remained active in the Montreal military right up until his death. 

A funeral was held this Sunday for Hart and according to City News, the Canadian Army described Hart as a "friend and mentor to many" who has an "extraordinary life of service,". 

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Since the announcement of his death, people from across Canada have taken to Twitter to express their condolences and to thank Hart for the hard work that he did for this country. 

Canadians are also thanking him for his many many years of service. 

Colonel Hart will be missed. 

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