Women have been fighting for equal pay all over the world and Canada is one of the next countries that is aiming at bringing that fight to an end. On Monday, October 29th, the federal government of Canada finally introduced their plan to ensure equal pay exists in federally regulated sectors. 

Though the government plan will only extend to government regulated jobs, it will affect over a million Canadian employees. Bill-65 is part of the second budget implementation bill that was brought forward today. 

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According to CTVEmployment, Workforce Development and Labour Minister Patty Hajdu gave details about the plan of action during legislation today. The government promised that its 2018 budget would include an oversight as to how to equally include women in the workplace and create a way to ensure that women and men receive the same pay for equal work. 

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The plan announced by the government will force federally regulated workplaces to examine the differences between positions held by men and women, as well as the pay difference for work that is deemed equal. The bill will help address the undervaluing of work that is done predominantly by women. 

CTV reported that in 2017 Canadian women still only made 88 cents to every dollar made by a Canadian man. 

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made his cabinet ministers up of 50% men and 50% women upon being elected, with his justification behind his decision famously being explained as "because it's 2015."

Federally regulated sectors that would be affected by this plan include bank workers, telecommunications, transportation industries, and public sector jobs in government offices.

Source: CTV

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