It's official, we are now under 24 hours away from cannabis officially becoming a legal substance in Canada. Of course with the big day coming, provincial governments across the country have been getting their ducks in a row this week with regard to retail cannabis. But, when New Brunswick's first legal cannabis website went live yesterday, the public's reaction went from excitement to disappointment real fast. 

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The site starts with a prompt that asks you to check a box that says "Yes, I'm at least 19 years old" before you are able to enter. From there, you are greeted with the surreal experience of a legal Canadian cannabis website. But, at least in this case, that excitement will be quickly replaced with disappointment when you realize that 7-gram bags are being sold for as much as $96.00 CAD.


Apart from the outrageous prices of some strains, Canadians exploring the site out of curiosity were not remotely impressed with several other features of the site. 

Via cannabis-nb

Once Reddit got a hold of the URL for the new website, Canadian users began airing out their feelings. One user commented, "I think we can all put aside our differences in opinion on price, sales model and legalization itself and agree that this is a really, really terribly designed website." 

One of the biggest concerns from users was that the inventory isn't organized by THC or CBD, so it made the site harder to navigate. Though on a more serious note, another user spotted an interesting disclaimer on the website in the FAQ section: 

"What if I no longer want a Cannabis NB account?"

Once you create your Cannabis NB account, you may not cancel or deactivate your account or delete the personal information associated with it, as your account is connected to your purchase transactions, which Cannabis NB is required to retain."

The disclaimer definitely set a lot of people off, with many questioning why this kind of action isn't taken for people who buy alcohol or cigarettes. Though other users did note that the concept probably has more to do with the government's attempt to keep people purchasing within the provincial household limit.

Via cannabis-nb

Regardless, more backlash about the website poured in, such as the provincial government's inability to snag a more convenient URL. Instead of or, it's As well as more complaints about the lacklustre packaging

Via Reddit

Not to mention the descriptions of each strain that users have found on the site: 

"Hand-manicured, craft-cured, top colas representing the highest quality standard, this Sativa-dominant strain produces robust, dense, trichome-frosted flowers. With a tangy, tart aroma and notes of freshly picked field berries. Highly uplifting, energizing properties"

Clearly, it's been a slightly rocky start for New Brunswick's online retail cannabis efforts. But, considering this is uncharted territory for provincial governments, it's fair to say they've got time to polish everything up in the next coming weeks. 




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