While the province of Ontario is getting ready to enjoy the summer months, it looks like Ford's government will also be partaking in the summer fun by planning an extra long summer holiday for the legislature. Today, the Ontario government has announced that they are planning to adjourn the legislature until after the federal election. The Ford government's extra long summer break means that Ontario MPPs will be taking time off for the summer starting tomorrow, and will not return until October 28th. 

While summer breaks for the MPPs are common, usually the legislature rises in early June and returns shortly after Labour Day. However, Ford's government has decided to prolong this break, by adding on an extra month and not returning until late October. 

The Government states that since they have been elected in June of 2018, they have achieved many goals and have passed eighteen bills. They state that they have created 170,00 jobs and have watched the province prosper, which is why they have decided to take the time off. 

The Government states that although the MPPs will not be returning to the House until October, these officials will be spending the summer in their own ridings and will continue to promote Ontario as 'Open for Business'. 

While the Ontario government is stating that their long break is due to the hard work that they have put into the province over the past year, Global News states that the delay in Ontario MPPs returning to Queen's Park may be due to the federal election. 

Since the federal election will conveniently take place one week before the MPPs are set to return, this break may be key to help Ford stay out of the media while Andrew Scheer works towards replacing Justin Trudeau. 

Some Ontarians are agreeing with this theory, claiming they see right through the prolonged summer and state that it's to allow Andrew Scheer to win the election without Ford interfering. 

Despite the reasoning behind the provincial government giving themselves an extra month of summer holiday's, many Ontarians seem to be upset about the choice, some even calling Ford hypocritical, especially when it comes to Ford's negative views on teachers. 

Either way, MPPs will be spending a lot more time in their local jurisdictions for the summer months and that means Ontarians won't see any major legislative changes until the fall.

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