A pair of Canadian police officers from British Columbia police forces are currently facing serious investigations in multiple countries following an alleged sexual assault.

The pair was on vacation in Cuba when the alleged assault occurred. But, Cuba isn’t the only country who has launched an investigation into the allegations - now, Canada is too.

Here’s everything we know about the case right now. 

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Port Moody Const. Jordan Long, 31, and Vancouver Const. Mark Simms, 29, have been held in Cuba for close to six months as part of an ongoing investigation in the country.

The alleged assault took place months ago, when a 17-year-old from Ontario, who was also on vacation in Cuba, accused the pair of sexually assaulting her.

Both Long and Simms have maintained their innocence throughout the process. It remains unclear whether either of the officers has been formally charged with a crime. Very few details about the case have been released by Cuban officials. 

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Cuba’s justice system is much different from the one in Canada.

According to the Cuba's travel advisory page on the Government of Canada's website, “charges are not laid until the investigations are complete, and the accused may be jailed during the entire period of the investigation.”

The pair's legal troubles may only just be beginning. Now, the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner of British Columbia (OPCC) will be conducting its own review of the case against the men. 

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The OPCC says that it’s getting involved because officers must live up to a professional standard, even when they are not working.

Long and Simms have been released from prison and are currently living in a rental accommodation while the investigation is completed.  

Source: CBC

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