Winter may be kind of a bummer most of the time, but there are ways to make it fun, like building snowmen. While making one as tall as you is a big enough challenge, one Canadian went the distance and built a giant Olaf snowman taller than his house.

In a TikTok video posted by Ben Willingdorf, the Canadian man is first seen talking about just how much snow Canada gets every year.

"Hey so we get a lot of snow in Canada," Willingdorf says, "and I'm going to build a snowman bigger than my house."

Willingdorf then turns to a friend and asks "What do you think?"

"I don't know," the friend replies, "how are you going to get up there?" 

The video poster just shrugs before the video cuts to a montage of the construction, which involved ladders, wooden planks for shaping, and tossing buckets of snow to each other.

The montage concludes with the addition of a giant carrot nose before revealing the final product: a Olaf from the Frozen films.

The snowman is impressive and definitely towers over Willingdorf's house. The video on TikTok has also raked in 3.5 million likes. 

However, this project was actually carried out in 2015, with the TikTok video being more of a fun reminder that it was achieved.

The undertaking was first posted to YouTube in 2015. Originally, his plan was not just to make a giant snowman, but one that could actually last until summer.

On top of collecting all of the snow and piling it up into a massive tower, the Canadian also made all of the other features himself (except for the wooden arms and hair). 

Willingdorf constructed the buttons out of an old sleeping bag, some cushions, and plywood. For the carrot, he cut out a carrot-shaped pattern of orange fabric and stuffed it.

The end result is a snowman that looks uncannily like the popular Disney character, only gigantic. The giant work of art received a lot of attention, and Willingdorf decided to put it to good use.

He ended up donating over $6,000 that he collected from people coming to see the impressive sculpture to Operation Enfant Soleil, a charity that raises money for pediatric care in Quebec.

Unfortunately, the snowman did not make it all the way to summer, but at least it did some good while it was around!

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