We all know about the Humboldt bus tragedy. It seemed to shake the entire country of Canada to its core, everyone here either plays or played hockey while growing up or at the very least knows someone who did. And there isn’t anything much more Canadian than driving along a rural road at night.

Unfortunately as we all know the bus trip for the team ended in a horrific tragedy. The country seemed to bond over the tragedy though raising money through a GoFundMe page initially set up to collect money for the teams families.   

That GoFundMe is now closed and has finished with an astonishing total.  

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Over $15 million dollars were raised though the page. The official number is $15,185,700.

Over 140,000 people donated to the page and it wasn’t just Canadians, the crash and the donation page caused a stir around the world. People from 80 different countries wound up making a contribution.  

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The money raised will now go to the Humboldt Broncos Memorial Fund Inc. and a committee which will decide how to best split the money up.

The while the page was started as a way of raising money for the families the president of the Broncos says that the massive total will be split between “Humboldt Broncos players, employees, families and volunteers as well as first responders and emergency services personnel, teams, athletes, related organizations and communities affected by the crash.”

While donations to the GoFundMe page are closed you can still contribute money through the Humboldt Strong website.  

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But this has truly been an amazing thing to watch the past few weeks. 

Source: Global News

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