Most of us are Canadian citizens for a very simple reason. We were born here, that’s how most people become citizens of any nation.

But it’s a complicated matter for 2 young men who were born in Canada over 20 years ago.

They may have been born here, but their parents were working against Canada and its allies as Russian spies. 

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24-year-old Alexander Vavilov and his 28-year-old brother Timothy are locked in a battle with the government of Canada to get Canadian citizenship.

They were born in Toronto to 2 people named Andrey Bezrukov and Elena Vavilova, who were Russian spies.

The family eventually moved to the United States where the FBI uncovered the double life the boy’s parents were living and sent them all back to Russia. 

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The two boys though now want to be recognized as Canadian citizens but have had a series of legal battles so far.

Originally, they were told they couldn’t be citizens because their parents worked for a foreign government while they lived here.

That was overruled in an appeal though and granted the boys citizenship.

The government is now fighting that decision saying the boy’s parents, “were dedicated to serving their home country, except in their case, the employment was carried out clandestinely.” 

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The case is now going all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada, where it will be heard in December. 

Source: Toronto Sun

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