The Government of Canada has been pretty quiet about smoke-free alternatives like vaping, but a recent act is changing all that. 

The new Tobacco and Vaping Products Act is completely changing the way people can talk about and advertise vaping. 

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Prior to the act, people weren't allowed to put information out about vapes, or even compare the smoke-free alternatives to tobacco. But now that silence has been broken. 

When the act became official law at the end of May, the government also officially released information confirming that vaping is, in fact, safer than smoking. 

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According to the information released, vaping products only contains a fraction of the 7000 chemicals found in tobacco and switching will not only reduce exposure to these cancer-causing toxins, but also that some evidence suggests it can help people quit smoking altogether. 

They also say that while nicotine, which is found in vaping products, is highly addictive it isn't known to cause cancer. Other chemicals in typical vaping products are also safe for consuming. So basically, while they are still researching it, vaping is indisputably far safer than smoking tobacco. 

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The act also makes it fully legal to sell vaping products and nicotine liquid and allows companies to advertise these to the public. 

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