Canada is home to a vast variety of wildlife, natural ecosystems, biodiversity, and landscapes. We're proud to call this beautiful country our home and it's highly important to sustain and protect the natural environment in Canada and to take care of the beautiful place we call home. 

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The Canadian government seems to also recognize this because they just announced yesterday on December 3rd in a news release that they are committing $175 million toward projects that protect the nature in Canada.

"Canada’s natural landscapes inspire pride from coast to coast to coast: Canadians love our mountains, lakes and rivers, as well as our coasts, forests, and wildlife," read the release. "Nature is important not only to our cultural identity but also to our health and prosperity. That’s why the Government of Canada is doubling the amount of protected nature in Canada’s lands and oceans by 2020". 

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Environment and Climate Change Canada has launched the Target 1 Challenge, which will be a part of Canada’s Nature Fund. This "will provide up to $175 million for projects that help meet Canada’s biodiversity target 1 of protecting 17 per cent of land and inland water by 2020," read the news release

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Not only will the federal government be committing $175 million dollars, but according to the release, their funding will also be matched. "Federal funding will be matched by partners, doubling financial support to protect Canada’s nature," read the release

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Canada's Nature Fund, which is what the government's $175 million dollar contribution is going towards, supports "the protection of Canada’s ecosystems, landscapes, biodiversity, and species at risk", according to the release.

In total, the fund will receive $500 million dollars from the government, as well as being matched by partners. This will equal "at least $1 billion toward the conservation of Canada’s nature".

Canada has 20 percent of the world's entire freshwater resources, 24 percent of wetlands, 25 percent of temperate rainforest area, and 33 percent of remaining boreal forest, according to the Government of Canada

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