If you're packing your bags for vacation then you may want to check the Government of Canada's travel advisories. As of Sunday, the goverment has issued 10 new travel advisories for Canadians exploring abroad. 

Travel advisories are issued whenever there may be a dangerous threat to Canadians visiting other countries, whether it be from terrorism, weather, petty crime, or politically related. 

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The 10 advisories that were issued on Sunday and Monday include destinations all over the world, truly making it difficult for those heading abroad this time of year. 

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Still, considering Canadians will be travelling to escape the cold winter months ahead, the advisories may disrupt some of your vacation plans, especially if you're the adventurous type. 

Here are the 10 countries that the Government of Canada has issued advisories for travellers: 

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1. United States

The United States of America is categorized as a normal security precaution warning, as the country is no longer being affected by hurricane Michael. 

That being said there is still a bolded information reminding Canadians that cannabis is not legal to cross the border with, even if travelling to states with legal marijuana. There is also a reminder of increased crime rates just after the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh that left 11 dead, including a Canadian woman. 

2. Tunisia

Canada has issued a high-risk travel advisory to the north African country of Tunisia due to the civil unrest and heightened risk of terrorist attacks. The advisory comes after a bomb exploded in the city of Tunis on Monday. 

Not only is there a high-risk advisory, but there are also regional travel bans in effect due to terrorist kidnappings. The security of the country is at risk and therefore a great threat to Canadian travellers. 

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3. Greece

The European island country of Greece is also under a normal security advisory due to recent earthquakes and safety concerns for Canadian travellers. 

Due to demonstrations and strikes in Athens, petty crime, and increasing terrorism risks in Greece, Canada is advising travellers to take caution when visiting. 

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4. Brazil

There is another high-risk advisory in place for Canadians travelling to Brazil due to the high crime rates and increased security for shootouts with gangs. Tourists regularly visit many of the big cities found in Brazil where crime, including homicide, and tourists tend to be easy targets. 

While crime may be enough, Brazil also is confirmed to have Zika, meaning women who are pregnant or wishing to become pregnant should definitely avoid visiting. 

5. Taiwan

Like the United States, Taiwan also falls under normal security precaution for those Canadians heading into Asia. The country that was affected by Typhoon Yutu is now clear but there are still advisories in place for travellers. 

Travelling Canadians should be aware of petty crime, women's safety when travelling alone, and tension in the Korean Peninsula. 

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6. Gabon

Canadians wishing to travel into the African country of Gabon should be aware that there is a high-risk advisory put in place. Due to political and social tensions due to elected officials. 

The situation is currently calm but the Canadian Government warns that the situation could degrade quickly. There is also the risk of Zika virus for women who wish to become pregnant or are currently expecting. 

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7. Jordan

The Government of Canada is advising Canadians that visiting the middle-eastern country of Jordan comes with a high-risk. The neighbouring country to Iraq and Syria is still experiencing terrorism threats, as well as a centre for refugee camps. 

Canadians travelling to Jordan should avoid all travel within 30 kilometres of the Syria or Iraq borders, with the only exception being the tourist site Umm Qais. 

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8. Philippines

There is a high-risk advisory put in place for the country of the Philippines due to the threat of Typhoon Yutu in the provinces of Isabela, Quirino and Northern Aurora. 

Other threats put Canadian travellers at risk in addition to the Typhoon, including piracy, kidnappings, and terrorist threats. 

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9. Sri Lanka

Canadians planning a trip to Sri Lanka should be aware of the high-risk advisory put in place due to the current political situation. On Friday, October 26th, the president moved to dismiss the country's Prime Minister causing some political unrest. 

Those visiting are to be aware of demonstrations in the country and to keep an eye on media for the latest information about the political state. 


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10. Democratic Republic of Congo (Kinshasa)

The African Democratic Republic of Congo is currently under a complete travel ban under the Government of Canada. The reason behind the ban is due to the current political climate before the upcoming elections on December 23rd. 

The advisory warns that curfews may be put in place while visiting and that Canadians are to follow the direction of the local authority if a demonstration ensues. 

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