The government of Canada has issued a new travel warning telling Canadians to avoid any non-essential travel to Nicaragua. 

According to the travel advisory, there is more than one reason to stay away from the country. Not only is there civil unrest in Nicaragua, but there is also an outbreak of Zika virus. 

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The Public Health Agency of Canada has advised Canadians traveling to the area to take extra precautions to avoid contracting Zika such as avoiding mosquitos, which transmit the virus. 

They have also said that pregnant women or anyone who thinks they could be pregnant should avoid traveling there altogether as Zika could have dangerous effects on unborn babies. 

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The most recent update to the travel advisory is more serious, as it tells everybody in Canada to avoid any non-essential travel to the area because of dangerous protests and civil unrest in the country. 

The protests have been going on since April of this year, but have ramped up lately with highway roadblocks and even more crime. Canadians are being advised to reconsider whether or not they have to go to Nicaragua and those already there are being asked to think about if it is absolutely necessary for them to stay. 

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The latest updates to the advisory were made Thursday, August 2 in the afternoon, and are meant to inform Canadian travelers of the risks involved in visiting a certain country or region right now. 

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