Hills fans rejoice!! Yet another Hills cast mate is on board for a revival of our favourite Hollywood reality show. The Hills holds a special place in our hearts from its first release in 2006 - the much anticipated follow-up to MTV's prized jewel Laguna Beach in 2004. 

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The Hills gave birth to some of reality TV's most treasured stars, before Kardashian's and Jenner's alike stormed social media. From beauty queen Lauren Conrad and resident mean girl Kristin Cavillari, to One Tree Hill alum Stephen Colletti and Malibu golden boy, Brody Jenner. 

via @mtvthehills

Hills ​​​​​​​star Audrina Patridge recently opened up to People magazine, saying that she believes now is a better time than ever for a Hills reunion. 

“I feel like we are all at a different place in our lives and we’re past the drama, past the cat fights,” Patridge said. “We’re all married, we all have kids, we’re all at a different place in our lives so we’d all be able to relate to each other way more than five years ago.”

via @mtvthehills

Considering Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag are now pregnant, the possibility of The Hills girls hitting up A-list clubs is very slim. Patridge muses that the episodes would most likely consist of play and spa-dates because "when you're pregnant or even married, you don't get much girl time. So, just to talk to someone that’s going through the same things as you are, it’s refreshing to know that you’re not alone.

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