Just when you think one is over the next one comes, Twitter is back at it again in a debate on a J. Crew kids t-shirt. The shirt in question is a t-shirt that reads "I am a feminist too."

The t-shirt is part of a campaign J.Crew is doing with another company called prinkshop. The company's purpose is to create fashion that has a meaning behind it. They believe in silkscreening because it has the power to create a narrative on issues that face society. 

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The reason that people are commenting online is due to the message on the t-shirt and the debate of whether or not children can understand ideologies like feminism. 

While some believe that children can not understand many have made a case for feminism, explaining that it is not political it's just equality and human rights. 

Another user took the opportunity to look at J.Crew as a company. They pointed out that the main people working in garment factories for fast fashion companies are women. 

J.Crew has remained committed to the selling the shirt and even said it demonstrated their dedication to equality. In a statement, they said, "J.Crew stands for equality, and is for everybody."

Source: Marie Claire


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