The 24-year-old man who attacked and almost stabbed a soldier on Parliament Hill yesterday appeared in court today, but not on charges related to the Parliament incident...

It turns out the man, who has since been identified as Jesse Mooney, was a suspect in an assault that had happened in Ottawa just the day before Mooney ran onto The Hill with a knife. 

Early on Sunday morning, a 32-year-old man was walking along a path on Ottawa's Bridle Path Drive when he got into a verbal argument with Mooney. According to the Ottawa Police, the two men knew each other. 

At some point in the argument, Mooney swung at the 32-year-old with a closed fist, and it was only after Mooney had fled that the victim noticed he had been cut. 

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Police, who had been given Mooney's name and photo, searched the area at the time but couldn't find him. It was only after he was arrested by Parliamentary Protective Services for the attempted attack on Parliament Hill the next day that the connection was made. 

Mooney is now facing multiple charges for both Sunday's assault and Monday's Parliament attack. He is charged with assault with a weapon, possession of a weapon, assault causing bodily harm, and failure to comply with probation for Sunday's incident and assault and breach of probation for the attack on The Hill. 

The charges for breach of probation and failure to comply with probation indicate that Mooney has a record and has been involved in past criminal activity.  

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Mooney appeared in an Ottawa court via video call today on the charges from Sunday's assault where he was very agitated. After he yelled and acted out immensely, the judge ordered a psychiatric evaluation before a trial can proceed.

He has yet to appear on the charges relating to the Parliament Hill attack. 

Source: CBC

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