It's no secret that in the past few years, Canada has seen an alarming spike in crime. This comes as a result of more gang and gun-related violence across the country, but of course, there are always areas that are more prone to such activity than others. 

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With that in mind, through a Maclean's study that determined the crime severity index of areas throughout Canada, a newly-updated list of the 20 most dangerous places to live in the country was created. The index itself is provided by Statistics Canada and measures "all police-reported crime," factoring in both the frequency and seriousness of the offences recorded. 

Surprisingly though, while many people would assume that the top spots would go to bigger cities such as Toronto and Vancouver, you couldn't be more wrong!

If you want to find out whether you should be packing your bags and moving to a safer area in the country, check out the current list of the most crime-ridden places in Canada, ranked from least to most dangerous.

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20. Hinton, Alberta 

Crime Severity Index: 139.43 

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19. Lethbridge, Alberta 

Crime Severity Index: 143.09 

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18. Terrace, British Columbia

Crime Severity Index: 143.58 

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17. Penticton, British Columbia 

Crime Severity Index: 145.03 

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16. Dawson Creek, British Columbia  

Crime Severity Index: 148.32

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15. Cold Lake, Alberta 

Crime Severity Index: 152.98 

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14. Grande Prairie, Alberta 

Crime Severity Index: 162.8

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13. Llyodminster, Alberta 

Crime Severity Index: 164.79 

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12. Selkirk, Manitoba 

Crime Severity Index: 165.85 

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11. Whitecourt, Alberta 

Crime Severity Index: 171.52

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10. Prince George, British Columbia 

Crime Severity Index: 174.68 

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9. Langley, British Columbia 

Crime Severity Index: 187.49 

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8. Quesnel, British Columbia

Crime Severity Index: 214.04 

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7. Williams Lake, British Columbia 

Crime Severity Index: 218. 57

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6. Red Deer, Alberta 

Crime Severity Index: 221.56

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5. Portage la Prairie, Manitoba

Crime Severity Index: 231.06 

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4. Prince Albert and area, Saskatchewan 

Crime Severity Index: 251. 46

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3. Wetaskiwin, Alberta 

Crime Severity Index: 257. 54

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2. Thompson, Manitoba 

Crime Severity Index: 333.24 

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1. North Battleford, Saskatchewan 

Crime Severity Index: 371.58 

Source: Maclean's Canada 


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