Across the board Canadians are digging what their governments are doing. While a few Canadian cities don't think very highly of their governments, more than half of Canadians trust their local governments according to a new study. And a majority of those people actually want to have a relationship with their governments. The study also broke down the most trusted municipal governments in all of Canada. 

A new study done by Argyle Public Relationships looks at the relationship between Canadians and their local governments and how they engage with those in government in six major Canadian cities. 

Those cities were Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary and Ottawa, where people were surveyed about their local, municipal governments. The results of those surveys were also used to create a national average of how many Canadians trust their government, which was found to be 52 percent.

They also found which municipal governments were the most trusted. According to the survey, Toronto, Edmonton and Montreal are the top three Canadian cities when it comes to trusting local government. 

"Canadians have a strong attachment to the places where we live, and give their local governments passing grades," wrote Daniel Tisch, CEO of Argyle Public Relationships, in a post about the study.

They also found that on top of trusting their municipalities, 55 percent of Canadians said they were satisfied with their local government. 

Another interesting part of this study is how a persons relationship with their local government can influence how they act. 

58 percent of people survyed took it one step further and said they actually want to have a relationship with their government as a whole and the people who run it. 

Further, 73 percent of respondents said that they are more likely to vote if they have a relationship with their government and 63 percent said they would comply with by-laws for the same reason.

While Toronto, Edmonton, and Montreal had the most trusted governments in Canada, "at the regional level, including all municipalities, Atlantic Canadians and Quebecers have the most positive overall opinions of their local governments," wrote Tisch.

In Atlantic Canada and Quebec, 48 and 52 percent of people respectively have a good opinion of their government compared to Manitoba and Saskatchewan which, as a region, only 42 percent of people said the same. 

Unfortunately, it's not all great for some parts of Canada. 

In Calgary only 39 percent of people have a good opinion of their government and that drops to 38 percent in Ottawa. 

In his post, CEO Daniel Tisch went on to write that despite people trusting their governments, the bad news is that Canadians aren't sure that their governments actually listen to them. 

The national average of people who believe that they can influence the decisions of their local government is only 34 percent. 

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