As you may have heard last week that Pope Francis of the Catholic Church will not be apologizing for the role the church played in Canada's residential school system.

Needless to say the Popes non apology has drawn the ire of many, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who said he was “disappointed” with the Popes decision not to apologize.

Well now the federal NDP are doing something in an attempt to get the pope to apologize to Canada’s indigenous community.  

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The NDP are reportedly going to table a motion in the House of Commons which will call on Pope Francis to apologize for the horrific cruelty that Canada’s indigenous people were made to suffer though by the church, who ran most of the residential school system.

The school system was meant to assimilate Canada’s indigenous community by stripping them of their language and culture. Many suffered physical, physiological and sexual abuse at the hands of members of the church.  

Canada’s government has done its best to apologize to members of the community over the years, as have the Anglican, United and Presbyterian churches.

The Catholic Church still has not though. Last week Bishop Lionel Gendron, the president of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops wrote that the Pope "felt that he could not personally respond" to the requested apology. 

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This is what the NDP hopes to change. Their motion would ask for the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops to invite the Pope to Canada to give an apology on behalf of the church.

There’s no set timeline now for when this motion would be brought forward but one hopes that it is soon. 

Source: CBC

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