You would never have thought that a new grocery store would have garnered the world's attention like Amazon Go's Seattle location did. Then again, it is the first grocery store to even featured no cashiers. While there are no human workers at the store, Amazon promised that shoplifting was practically impossible and that they would be able to track everything you picked up through your phone. 

Though it seems that a woman was able to beat through Amazon's technology without anyone knowing.. then again she had no idea she did it either, and of course, the blunder happened on none other than the store's opening day. 

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CNBC reporter Deirdre Bosa went to go check out the Amazon Go location on it's opening day in hopes to experience the wonders of carefree grocery shopping- just grab what you want and then leave! Though when she checked her receipt that came up on her phone a few minutes after leaving, she noticed that there was something missing. The yogurt she had grabbed along with the rest of her haul was noticeably absent, she hadn't been charged for it!

Deirdre quickly took to Twitter over the hilarious situation, making it clear that while Amazon had spent over a year testing out the technology used in the grocery store, that it was still capable of bugging on the very first day. Of course, this is probable considering technology can never be 100% guaranteed to work perfectly everytime, though at least Bosa got a free yogurt cup out of it! 

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When reached for comment by The Daily Dot, the vice president of Amazon, Gianna Puerini responded with "first and foremost, enjoy the yogurt on us." Then continued to note that the bug situation is so rare, that they hadn't even planned a way for customers to report it. It's safe to say that it's probably the next item on Amazon's "to-do" list. 

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