Attention aurora chasers — the Northern Lights are expected to make an appearance over skies across Canada this week, due to the coming of a minor geomagnetic storm.

NOAA Space Weather Prediction Centre reports the anticipated arrival of a 'recurrent coronal hole high-speed stream' on July 24, 2018. Such event which will help to intensify the auroras at various latitudes.

According to agency's aurora watch, the Northern Lights will likely be most visible over parts of British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and Newfoundland (see the green line):

The National Weather Service of Seattle (NWS Seattle) has also confirmed a surge in solar winds since Monday, when the forecast was made. Due to the unpredictability of the Northern Lights, they could spike at any time and thus NWS Seattle suggests people head over to dark skies and hope for a bit of luck. In terms of position, the aurora should be visible on the northern horizon tonight.

Canada has a variety of dark sky viewing areas that are perfect for watching auroras due to their pollution-free state. Most of these areas are a short drive outside of major city centres; in rural areas where light pollution won't be an issue.

Check out this article on the best places to view the Northern Lights in Canada:

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