On Monday, December 7, an Anne Frank memorial in Idaho, the only one in the United States, was vandalized with anti-Semitic messages.

The Wassmuth Center for Human Rights shared images of the memorial with the hateful stickers plastered all over. “I fear for what is happening to our community," the caption read.

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The next post by the centre was of a different nature, thanking the community for coming together and plastering signs of love and dropping off flowers all around the memorial site. “Hate does not win,” one of the messages read.

In response to the events, a community fundraising program has been launched to raise money for a new security system.

“This explicit act of white supremacy serves as a reminder of the stark and disturbing pervasiveness of racism, bigotry and hatred that continues to plague society and which this community-driven fundraising campaign aims to turn on its head,” the response reads.

The campaign aims to raise $5,000 and has already surpassed that goal by a landslide.

There is a virtual vigil planned for December 14 and the community is rising up to come together digitally after the jarring events. 

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