The website and writer behind the Aziz Ansari exclusive has been hit with some major criticism following the Babe article detailing an anonymous victim's account on a night with the comedian that she believes ended in sexual assault.

While there are those who are in support of the accused, there are also those who believe the narrative bastardized the #MeToo movement - making for a seriously divided group of people around the topic. One Canadian reporter, Ashleigh Banfield, was more than vocal about her opinion when she reported the story on live television.

On Monday night the news anchor was quoted to say "you had a bad date, your date got overly amorous. After protesting his moves, you did not get up and leave right away, you continued to engage in the sexual encounter."

Banfield also went on to say the victim's allegations were "reckless and hollow" in her rant that continued for nearly five minutes. She claimed that the victim went "to the press with a story of a bad date and [has] potentially destroyed a man's career over it, you have chiseled away at a movement that I along with all of my sisters in the workplace have been dreaming of for decades."

Banfield revealed to the media on Wednesday that she was terrified to speak on her criticism of the letter but felt it was necessary, and while she expected massive amounts of backlash, the criticism never came. Though while the internet seemed to spare her for the most part, the original writer of the exposé definitely did not.

Katie Way, a 22-year-old staff writer for Babe who had written the piece on Aziz had been asked to join Banfield for an interview on the show she anchored. Way's email in response to making a TV appearance with Banfield quickly went public and has the internet up in arms:

Via @maxwelltani

Twitter was divided on whether the 22-year-old was acting unprofessionally and un-feminist for bringing Banfield's appearance into the conversation, or if she was just defending her victim unapologetically.

Via @FlashCadillack

Via @PragmaticObot

Regardless of what side you are on if anything, the case of Aziz Ansari forces people within the #MeToo conversation to have a very necessary conversation about the grey areas around sexual assault. Not only to protect future victims but as well as accused men and women.

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