It's quite customary for public figureheads to wish the public a merry Christmas. Even celebrities take to social media these days to wish their fans happy holidays, and usually, the messaged is well received. Unfortunately, when Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau decided to release a message of his own, it was received very differently by Canadians. 

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It all started when Trudeau took to Twitter to post a nearly two-minute video clip picturing the Prime Minister in front of holiday decorations and a Canadian flag set up in the background. While Trudeau is usually good in front of cameras, the video has a similar awkward air as that Stephen Harper video from 2015 where he talked about Netflix and Breaking Bad *shudder*

Though it wasn't how awkward the video was that was getting Canadians riled up. In fact, it seemed most Canadians just took the opportunity to air out their frustrations when it comes to Canada and the Prime Minister's performance. The influx in criticism makes sense considering Trudeau's latest approval ratings are the worst they've ever been. Though Canadians were making more cutthroat comments than usual: 

Considering the Christmas season is now over and Canadians are focusing on the final big event of the year, Trudeau will probably attempt to leave this awkward social media blunder in 2018. Clearly, the possibility of a 'happy new year' message may be in jeopardy considering the response to this holiday message! 


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