It seems Torontonians just cannot escape that jump-kicking hair stylist, and neither can his old employer. The 26-year-old hairdresser found himself making headlines in Canada after resorting to what people can only describe as "roundhouse-kicking" a woman protesting against abortion. Since then, the video has gone completely viral and as a result, Hunt has been fired from his job.

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Since then, the manager of Noble Studio 101, Amy Wesselink, spoke with the Toronto Sun about the situation, noting that there has been "non-stop and endless harassment" ever since the video of Jordan Hunt went viral.

The studio has been receiving "hundreds" of threats via phone, email as well as texts and Instagram messages ever since it was announced that Jordan Hunt was fired as a result of the video.

The messages aren't just coming from locals, though. Some messages are coming from places as far as the UK and Indonesia.  People are even booking fake appointments at the salon and are threatening to "put them out of business." 

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While Jordan Hunt has completely erased his social media presence, the hairdresser is now dealing with eight counts of assault and seven counts of mischief as a result of what happened in the video.

Shockingly, that wasn't his only attack at an anti-abortion rally. It turns out that a similar incident happened on August 2nd at a pro-life rally where Hunt pushed a woman into a pole. For that, he has been charged with one count of assault. 

Regardless of your stance on the situation, with the Noble Studio 101 manager claiming the salon is facing backlash from both sides, it's fair to say that the situation has definitely gotten out of control.

With regard to Hunt and the current charges he's facing, he'll be appearing in court this upcoming Saturday with regard to both the most recent incident as well as the prior incident that happened back in August.

Source: Toronto Sun  

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