Last week, our inside sources revealed that everyone's favourite fall drink - the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks - will be coming back sometime this month. Well, we finally have an exact date for you,  and it's pretty much right around the corner.

PSL lovers, mark your calendars. Starbucks is officially bringing it back next Tuesday, August 28th. That gives you plenty of time to enjoy it before the official start of fall,  on September 22nd.

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Based on popular demand, Starbucks has consistently released the PSL ahead of the fall season. Social media is already buzzing with anticipation - like us, everyone's beyond ready for the drink to hit the menu for its limited-time debut!

Our Starbucks insider also informed us that a new specialty drink will be unveiled soon, and will compete for attention with the beloved PSL.

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You already know we're going to be the first ones trying it, and reporting back with our reviews!


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