Canadians were exceptionally excited when it was announced that cannabis would be legalized on October 17 across the country.  With less than a month to go, many people are counting down the days until you can walk into a legal cannabis market to get your typical supply.

One thing that will be different from province to province is the way that Canadians will be buying their products. Due to regulations being controlled by each individual province, there are different rules for each area of the country. 

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There is no doubt that this is an exciting time for marijuana smokers in Canada but there is some confusion when it comes to how each province will be selling their cannabis products. 

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Considering that legalization will open up an industry full of products not typically found in the black or street market, it's good for shoppers to know what to expect. Edibles may have once meant "pot-brownies" but now it can range from drinks, pills, and even candy infused with cannabis. 

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If you're curious about how cannabis legalization is working around the province, then look no further. We created a guide so that the regulations are crystal clear for everyone. 

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Here is how cannabis legalization will work depending on your province: 

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Legal Smoking Age: 18-years-old

Store type: Private stand-alone stores will be run by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission for Alberta residence 18-years and older. Anyone under the age of 18 will be prohibited entry into these stores. They will be allowed to sell smoking utensils, like bongs and pipes, and will have an online store available also. 

Home-grow: Residents can grow up to four plants in their homes but condos and apartments have the right to prohibit occupants from growing their own cannabis plants.

Possession: Canadians in Alberta over the age of 18 are allowed to possess up to 30 grams of cannabis in public but transportation is not allowed. You transport cannabis it must be in a sealed package and out of reach of a driver or other occupants in a vehicle (similar to the rules of alcohol). 

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British Columbia 

Legal smoking age: 19-years-old

Store type: Cannabis stores can be both private stores and government-run stores with no co-habitation with alcohol sales. The British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch is running the rollout of legalization in BC.

Home-grow: Residents in BC can grow up to four plants in their home unless it's being used for a daycare facility. Landlords in condos and apartments are allowed to place bans on home cultivation. 

Possession: Canadians in BC aged 19 years and older can possess up to 30 grams of cannabis at once. All cannabis packages must be sealed and out of reach when being transported in a vehicle. 

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Legal smoking age: 19-years-old

Store type: Cannabis stores in Saskatchewan will be privately operated by licensed producers. The market in Saskatchewan will be monitored by the Saskatchewan Liquor & Gaming Authority, which will not allow the stores to also sell alcohol. 

Home-grow: Saskatchewan cannabis smokers can grow at home with no limitations on how many plants. Landlords will be the only people who can prohibit home cultivation in rental properties. 

Possession: Legal cannabis users ages 19 and older can obtain up to 30 grams of cannabis at a time but will not be allowed to consume it in public spaces or in vehicles. 

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Legal smoking age: 19-years-old

Store type: There are four licensed providers in Manitoba who are authorized to open up cannabis stores as of October 17. Not only will these stores be operating brick and mortar markets, but they will also have online sales available as well.  

Home-grow: Manitobans will not be allowed to cultivate cannabis at home. 

Possession: Those wishing to possess cannabis in Manitoba can have up to 30 grams at a time but will not be allowed to consume it in moving vehicles. Cannabis that's being transported around in Manitoba just needs to be secured in a compartment. 

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Legal smoking age: 19-years-old

Store type: While Ontario previously had decided on LCBO-style stores, the plan for cannabis sales changed after Doug Ford was elected premier of Ontario. Now, cannabis sales will be through private licensed retailers, as well as government-run stores. The Ontario Cannabis stores will only be operational online as of October 17, whereas brick and mortar stores will open as of April 1, 2019. 

Home-grow: Canadians living in Ontario can have up to four plants per residence, not per person. 

Possession: Ontarians can possess up to 30 grams of cannabis in public but will require a fastened bag when being transported. 

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Legal smoking age: 18-years-old

Store type: Cannabis stores in Quebec will only be run by the government and will not be open to private retailers. Residents will also be able to order their cannabis online through the goverment retailer. 

Home-grow: Quebec residents are not allowed to grow cannabis in their homes.

Possession: Canadians up to 18-years old can possess up to 30 grams in public, but any youth under 18 who possesses any cannabis will be fined. 

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New Brunswick 

Legal smoking age: 19-years-old

Store type: Cannabis stores in New Brunswick are going to be run through the New Brunswick Liquor, under a new branch called CannabisNB. The government stores will not cohabitate with alcohol sales and must keep all cannabis products under glass. 

Home-grow: New Brunswick residents are allowed to have up to four cannabis plants in their homes but they must be locked inside of an enclosure to be legal. 

Possession: Like many other provinces, New Brunswick cannabis smokers can possess up to 30 grams in public. 

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Nova Scotia

Legal smoking age: 19-years-old

Store type: Nova Scotia will have brick and mortar stores operating under the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation and will also have products available through a government-run online retailer. NSLC stores that already exist will also be selling cannabis products alongside alcohol products.

Home-grow: Nova Scotians can grow up to four plants in their residents. 

Possession: Canadians living in Nova Scotia will be allowed to possess up to 30 grams of cannabis when in public spaces. 

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Newfoundland and Labrador 

Legal smoking age: 19-years-old

Store type: Cannabis stores will be privately run in Newfoundland and Labrador but will not be in cohabitation with alcohol sales. Currently, only four brick and mortar stores have been confirmed but online sales will also be available through government-run retailers at first, before moving to private retailers. 

Home-grow: Newfoundland and Labrador residents will be entitled to grow up to four plants per residence. 

Possession: Canadians in Newfoundland in Labrador will be allowed to have up to 30 grams of cannabis in public on them but will not be allowed to consume cannabis unless in a private space. 

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Prince Edward Island

Legal smoking age: 19-years-old

Store type: Cannabis stores in PEI will be run by the PEI Liquor Control Commission and will operate both online and in brick and mortar locations. The stores will not be allowed to sell alcohol in the same facility.  

Home-grow: Islanders will be allowed to have up to four plants in their home. 

Possession: Residents in PEI can have up to 30 grams in their possession while in public but will be limited to consuming that cannabis in private spaces. Still, the governement is considering some public space allowance after legalization is implemented. 

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Legal smoking age: 19-years-old

Store type: Stores will not be available in the Yukon upon October 17 but cannabis can be purchased through government-run websites controlled by the Yukon Liquor Corporation, though the stores will not allow alcohol cohabitation. Brick and mortar stores will later be opened by private retailers, not the government, and must be approved by a licensing board. 

Home-grow: Canadians in the Yukon are allowed to grow in their homes but the plants will have to be out of public view. 

Possession: Yukon residents can have up to 30 grams of cannabis in public at any time but youth living in the province must not be allowed access to cannabis products. 

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Northwest Territories

Legal smoking age: 19-years-old

Store type: Cannabis sales will only be available through liquor stores under the advisory of the Northwest Territories Liquor Commission. Residents can also order their cannabis through online stores run by the government. 

Home-grow: Residents living in the Northwest Territories will be allowed to have up to four plants growing in their residents, but landlords and rental agreements will allow rules to prohibit home cultivation. 

Possession: Like many other provinces, those living in the Northwest Territories can possess up to 30 grams of cannabis at any time. If you're transporting cannabis in the territory it must be unopened or resealed and out of reach. 

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Legal smoking age: 19-years-old

Store type: Nunavut is having none of it when it comes to cannabis sales this year. The territory is going to hear from communities before implementing brick and mortar stores and debating the best option for sales. Still, residents can buy online through a government source. 

Home-grow: Residents of Nunavut cannot grow their own cannabis at home. 

Possession: In Nunavut, there is the 30-gram limit for residents to possess but the territory is considering rules to be put in place against stockpiling cannabis. This is so there is limited selling in the illegal market. 

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