Canadians will soon be able to enjoy legal marijuana starting this fall, something many have waited a long time for.

But if you’re connected to the legal weed industry in Canada and want to travel to the States prepare for massive travel headaches.

Because the United States has now started banning people connected to the industry from crossing the border. 

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There have been multiple incidents of this recently.

In one a man named Sam Znaimer, who invested in a weed company in Vancouver, received a lifetime ban from the States because of his investments.

He says at no point did U.S. border officials ask him if he smoked pot, it was simply because he had invested in a company in the industry. 

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3 other people have also received lifetime bans from the States for their connection to the industry recently too.

Jay Evans, CEO of Keirton Inc., a company that build machinery to harvest crops,  was trying to get into the U.S. with 2 coworkers to attend a meeting where they hoped to get American counterparts to collaborate on a machine for cannabis production.

As soon as U.S. officials found out what they were trying to do in the States they banned all of them for life. 

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It’s unclear how far this could go, it’s possible American officials could even ban people who choose to work in the legal weed stores when they are opened.

People who are banned from the States can apply for a temporary waiver allowing them to cross between the countries for 5 years but the application process is long and costly.

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But be aware now that if you’re connected to the weed industry you can be banned from the States for life, even if you don’t smoke pot.

Sources: CTV, Straight

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