After several weeks of record-breaking low temperatures, there’s some good news in store for residents of the capital. The weather in Ottawa is going to be seriously sunny this week, and temperatures will reach almost 30 C. In fact, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was July!

Luckily for Ottawa locals, there’s finally some good weather in store.

From Tuesday onwards, the temperature in the national capital region will continue to climb, before peaking at a whopping 29 C on Friday.

According to Environment Canada’s weather forecast, it will be a promising start to the week, with highs on Tuesday reaching 20 C.

From then, conditions will get even better on Wednesday, as highs of 25 C are expected.

This will continue to climb to 27 C and 29 C on Thursday and Friday respectively.

If that wasn’t enough good news, things are also looking pretty positive for the weekend ahead!

The government weather agency predicts that while clouds will come in on Saturday and Sunday, temperatures will remain unseasonably high at around 28 C.

In addition, the UV index is pretty high this week too, so you might want to slap on some sunscreen if you’re going to be out and about!

While this week’s weather is unfortunately not likely to break high temperature records for their respective dates, which are in the low 30s, most Ottawans are unlikely to mind.

After several weeks of record-breaking low temperatures, as well as snowfall in May, it’s probably just nice to have some sunshine in the capital city.

Last month, Ottawa was crowned the coldest capital city in the world, as it was -6 C on April 22. Canada’s capital was chillier than Moscow, Helsinki and even Reykjavik. Brr!

Fortunately, it seems the miserable weather might finally be behind us, as temperatures are not dropping below 10 C for at least another week.

If that wasn't enough good news, there's also promising signs on the horizon that the summer season will be as bright and warm as ever.

According to Environment Canada's long range forecast, the whole country is in for a "good beer-drinking" summer.

Grab your sunglasses and your sunscreen Ottawa, it looks like we're going to be in for a hot one! 

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