Hopes of a January thaw will be put on hold as another major winter storm approaches the eastern half of Canada.

According to The Weather Network, southern Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada will be bombarded by severe snowstorms later this week. The hardest hit areas can expect over 30 cm of snow, with frequent periods of freezing rain and possible major power outages.

“While the storm is too far out to discuss the details of specific locations, we know the system will be unlike any storm we’ve seen so far this season,” reports meteorologist Erin Wenckstern of The Weather Network. 

Although warmer temperatures have graced eastern Canada these past few days, incoming warm air masses from the southern U.S.(mainly Alabama and Mississippi) will set up conditions for the perfect winter storm. Once they arrive in Canada, they will collide with much colder masses of Arctic air from the north, resulting in an immense band of extreme snowfall, ice pellets and freezing rain across parts of Southern Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes.

Here’s your full weather outlook for the remainder of the week and the upcoming weekend:

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The snow storm will begin in northern Ontario, where it will cause widespread heavy snowfall from Wednesday night and throughout Thursday. Blowing winds due to strong gusts will make driving conditions particularly dangerous in this area.

In southern/central Ontario and southern Quebec, milder temperatures will result in heavy rains, with risk of localized flooding. A resulting thick fog will cause poor visibility for travelers.

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Friday to Saturday

Rain will quickly change to ice pellets and snow for southern Ontario as the Arctic front moves east and south towards the Maritimes. Travel during the day will be significantly impacted as a result of this precipitation.

Overnight, the winter storm will be fully over southern Ontario and New Brunswick, with the heaviest hit areas (Toronto, Ottawa) to receive as much as 30+ cm of snow with freezing rain. Power outages are highly likely as well.

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As the winter storm passes, new Arctic air will swoop in to bring a new wave of cold temperatures, with windchills likely to be in the double-digit negatives.

Read the full report by The Weather Network here.

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