For the last couple of weeks, Justin Trudeau has been facing allegations of an alleged incident that took place back in 2000 when a female reporter says that he touched her inappropriately.

Last week Trudeau himself responded to those allegations saying that he had no memory of the alleged incident.

Well, now the woman who was the subject of an unsigned editorial in the Creston Valley Advance about the alleged incident is trying to escape the spotlight. 

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The woman - whose name is not public - has said that she is no longer interested in being involved with any further coverage of the story.

She also asks that her name not be made public and that she not be contacted by the press about the story again. 

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According to the editorial piece the woman, who was 18 at the time of the alleged incident, was attending the Kokanee Summit, where money was being raised for the Avalanche Foundation, which Trudeau was involved with at the time after the death of his brother in an avalanche in 1998.

The editorial piece was written after the event accusing Canada’s current Prime Minister "groping" and "inappropriately handling" the young reporter. 

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Valerie Bourne was the publisher of the Creston Valley Advance at the time and says she remembers that day but that the alleged interaction was really only a brief touch by Trudeau. "I would not classify it or qualify it as sexual assault."

This weekend Trudeau continued to deny any such incident took place saying "I had a good day that day; I don't remember any negative interactions that day at all." 


Source: CBC

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