We've got some good news for all you adventure seekers out there. The ultimate road trip is back in the cards for summer 2020. The Yukon and B.C. border is opening up on Wednesday, July 1, which means you can finally take that epic Pacific Northwest road trip you've been waiting for. If the north isn't at the top of your bucket list, it definitely should be. 

Now that the province is finally starting to open up, travel restrictions are slowly being lifted. 

While WestJet and Air Canada have released their summer fight schedules, there is nothing like a little road trip to get the party started.

Thankfully, this legendary road trip path is officially opening and on Wednesday, July 1, you can finally explore the Yukon. 

According to the Tourism Industry Association of the Yukon, B.C. residents are welcome to explore the great north and will no longer be required to self-isolate upon arriving or returning home. 

This is great news if you don't have two extra weeks to spare. 

In case you didn’t realize, Yukon is absolutely stunning. 

The sparsely populated area boasts some serious attractions including wildlife, glaciers, trails, as well as some of the most iconic national parks you could ever dream of. 

Once you get up there you will be wondering why you waited this long to go. 

The province has everything B.C. has but on a much larger scale and way more secluded. It’s literally the perfect place if you’re looking to get away from that city living. 

You can also feel safe about going to the Yukon since the decision to open the connecting border was not taken lightly. 

Both B.C. and the Yukon are considered safe places without many cases of COVID-19. 

In the Yukon, there are currently no confirmed active COVID-19 cases while the numbers in B.C. remain low. 

Both provinces also require a business to have a COVID-19 plan in place before reopening to ensure the safety of staff and customers. 

Now that we have all been given the go-ahead to travel up north, you would be crazy not. 

Whether you road trip up and stay in a secluded cabin or pitch a tent, it'll be worth it.

Just be sure to adhere to all the health and safety measures while you’re visiting. 

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