Forest fires have been burning in both British Columbia and Ontario for almost the entire summer and now it is affecting other parts of the country. 

Smoke from forest fires can travel pretty far into the surrounding areas. Vancouver and other parts of BC have been dealing with air quality problems for a while, but now the smoke is so intense that half of the country is under an air quality warning. 

Via Environment Canada

Environment Canada has issued warnings about smoke in eight of Canada's 10 provinces. Parts of BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI are all under the special weather statement.

They are warning Canadians that the smoke is causing really terrible air quality which can lead to low visibility and breathing difficulties. Canadians in the affected areas are being told to stay indoors in ventilated areas. People without air conditioning at home are advised to go to public places where the air will be better filtered. 

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People with existing health conditions, especially respiratory based ones like asthma, are at an even greater risk with the bad air quality warning.  

Meanwhile, in Quebec, there is no air quality warning, but some northern areas of the province are under a severe wind warning, with gusts as strong as 90 km. The only places in Canada without any warnings right now are the territories and Newfoundland. 

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Parts of Canada that are closest to the blazes, like Prince George, BC are under an additional warning since they are in the direct area, but wind in the forecast is helping to blow some of the smoke away. 

To see Environment Canada's complete list of air quality advisories in every province,  click here.

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