Thursday afternoon, Narcity reported that Ottawa Police confirmed that multiple businesses and local individuals received similar bomb threats via email. In these emailed bomb threats, the suspect demanded a Bitcoin payment. Shortly after, Toronto Police confirmed that there were also bomb threats in the city that caused five TTC subway stations to close down temporarily.

We've since learned that there were similar threats in The United States, England and New Zealand earlier today. Now, officials are reporting that other cities across Canada also received similar threats.  

Shortly after the threats were investigated by local officials, both Ottawa Police and the TTC Service Twitter updated locals on the events. Ottawa Police confirmed that the emails demanding Bitcoin were "unfounded" and that if you received a similar email, to contact local police.

TTC confirmed that the stations that were once shut down were now up and running again.

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After receiving new reports in Toronto and Ottawa, it's now known that numerous other cities across the country also received similar threats. According to Global News, there were also reports in Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary, Penticton, Vernon, Kamloops and Winnipeg. 

In addition, there were reports of bomb threats across the United States, including New York City and Oklahoma City. It also seems that some of these threats were sent overseas. There are similar reports from Suffolk County near London, England and even reports in New Zealand as well.

This afternoon, Calgary Police confirmed that they were responding to "multiple bomb threats" across Calgary. At the time, Calgary Police believed that the threats were not credible, but locals should be cautious regardless. In addition, Global News reported that the New York Police Department also stated via Twitter, that they find the threats not to be credible at this time.

It's still unclear if these threats are related or not. Many Canadians have been stating that these emails and bomb threats could be a hoax, but it's very important to remain vigilant and extremely cautious during this time until officials can find the culprits behind these threats.

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