Mark your calendars everybody! This month on August 21, 2017, a black moon will grace the skies of Canada and it will be the most beautiful sight of summer. It's part of a total solar eclipse that's set to completely block the sun, and is being nicknamed the "Great American Eclipse". 

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This black moon is a rare showing, particularly being the 3rd new moon in a season with 4 new moons, making it a very rare occurrence. If this opportunity were to be missed, your next chance to see the eclipse takes place in 2024. 

Although total solar eclipses are more common, one that can be seen from the West Coast to East Coast is a rarity - the last total solar eclipse that was seen from coast to coast was nearly 100 years ago, on June 8, 1918!

via @oregonsolareclipse

Not only will the moon come out to play, but the stars and planets hidden by the sun's bright light will reappear. Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury might be in view! 

This map will show you how visible the eclipse will be in your city, as well was what time it starts and ends. The eclipse may only last for a few hours, so be prepared for this rare occurrence!

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