With 2019 only a few months away, it's around the time that all those celebrity lists start to come out that companies have been gathering data for throughout the entire year. Though, if there's one list that surprised us, it's definitely the ranking for the year's most "dangerous" celebrity. 

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While you may think it's got to do with which celebrity has had the most jail time or negative press this year, or even someone who's just become a threat to others, you're actually dead wrong. Instead, it's actually got to do with how dangerous the celebrity is to their fans

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That's right, all the data actually boils down to the users who are searching for these celebrities. Each celeb's "danger" ranking directly correlates with how many viruses users have gotten from searching those celebrities up online. Be it from shady links for photos, pirated movies, you name it!

The study itself was made to help highlight how dangerous clicking shady links can be and how it can harm your computer. 

The top ten for this year includes Ruby Rose of all people as the number one most dangerous celebrity. Which is definitely a bit surprising, considering she wasn't really a trending celeb this past year.

Stars that followed her in the top ten were people such as Bruno Mars, Carly Rae Jepsen, Zayn Malik, Celine Dion, Calvin Harris, Justin Bieber, Sean "Diddy" Combs, Katy Perry and Beyonce. 

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The top ten definitely includes some random celebrities, but considering that Avril Lavigne topped the same list in 2017, it seems the study, in general, tends to feature pretty unexpected celebrities. 

Either way, the list serves as a great reminder to be extremely careful when it comes to clicking links or going on websites that seem shady. Especially in a day and age where ending up on the wrong end of the internet could be a lot more harmful than just a virus infecting your computer! 

Source: National Post 

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