Each Canadian province has come up with its own rules for how old you need to be to legally acquire Marijuana when it becomes legal later this year in Canada. 

Most provinces have made the legal age 19, with the exception of Quebec and Alberta where it will be 18. 

But it seems that right now there are 2 loopholes that would allow people as young as 16-years-old to legally use pot as well.  

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This all comes from amendments that were passed earlier this week by the senate, that fall under what is known as ‘social sharing.’ 

While they won’t actually be able to walk into a store and buy it legally there are legal ways for them to use it as the law stands right now. 

The first way that right now it is not illegal for someone who is 18 years of age or older to give marijuana to someone who is less than two years younger than them.  

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So an 18-year-old could potentially buy pot legally, then give it to a 16 year old who’s exact birthdate is less than 2 years of that of the 18-year-old. 

The second way is that it will be legal for parents to give pot to children in their house who are 16 or older. 

In other words if a parent buys marijuana, brings it home, and gives it to their 16-year-old child that is 100% legal right now.  The reason for this being that the government wants to give parents the legal freedom to teach their children about responsible marijuana use when they are under their own roof. 

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So as the law stands right now there will be ways for 16 year olds to get cannabis even if they can’t legally buy it from the store. 

Source: Global News

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