If you didn't already know, Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton just had their third child! The Royal kingdom is elated after hearing the news. But how exactly did they get the news? 

Like a lot of things in Great Britain, certain tasks are done in a formal way. So when the Royals announced that Kate had given birth to their third royal child, it was done in a very... traditional way.

The Town Crier of London announced the birth of Kate and William's brand new baby. If you're English, then you probably already knew that there was a "Town Crier". He literally screamed the news while reading from a very old-school scroll. 

He even threw in a couple "God Save The Queen"s. 

There was also a formal notice signed by your favourite royals left on this ornate stand in the middle of Buckingham Palace. The notice announced the birth of Kate and William's third child.

Last but not least, the Royal Family raised a large union flag over Buckingham Palace to mark the royal birth. 

Source: US Magazine

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