Choosing the perfect emojis for your Instagram caption is about to get a lot easier - or harder, because of all the new options. News broke this week that 230 new emojis have officially been approved for 2019.  The emojis will be rolled out across major platforms starting this April. 

After much deliberation, the finalists have been chosen. This year, emojis will provide an even more diverse representation of people, more skin tones, people with disabilities, gender inclusive couples and pairs of people with different skin tones.

The number of distinct new emojis is 59, but with all the new gender skin tone varieties, the total becomes 230. Other major additions include mechanical limbs, an ear with a hearing aid, men and women in wheelchairs, visually-impaired and hearing-impaired men and women. Even guide dogs are included.

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Of course, the list wouldn't be complete without new additions in the food and animal categories. Pretty soon, you'll find a clove of garlic, a waffle with butter, a stick of butter, an onion, a juice box, falafel and oysters in your emoji keyboard.

As for animals, the new emojis include a flamingo, a sloth, a skunk, an otter and an orangutan. Plus all kinds of new clothing items (including a sari), a drop of blood (which has already been dubbed the "menstruating" emoji) as well as hearts and shapes in new colours.

Via Emojipedia

Via Emojipedia

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Take a look at the full collection of new 2019 emojis by Emojipedia:

Via Emojipedia

One of the most highly-anticipated new emojis is the pinching hand emoji - a.k.a. "the tiny penis" emoji. While that probably wasn't the original intention of the symbol, the people of Twitter have already made the new moniker official. And it seems like the world can hardly wait to put it to use.

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