If you're looking for a job change, a summer co-op or just graduated from college,  you may want to start looking in these Canadian cities. RBC has ranked the best cities for young people to find a job in Canada and the results are so unexpected. You probably were expecting to find the best jobs in bigger cities like Toronto or Vancouver. However, this new data shows that the best places for Canadians aged 15 to 29 years old to find jobs in Canada are actually in smaller cities. 

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YouthfulCities's first ever Urban Work Index was released today, which was funded by RBC. It's the first in the country of its kind to look at the best places for urban work for young Canadians, according to the news release from RBC.  

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The Index ranked 21 Canadian cities based on 48 urban work indicators. Coming out on the very top was Edmonton, Alberta. It had the highest score at  713.86 points out of a possible 1,310 points. 

Montreal, Quebec came in second, with a close score of 708.13. "Montreal is a great city for youth to work, but the city didn't take top spot due to its higher cost of living," read the release

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Taking third place was Ottawa with 697.91 points. Toronto came in much lower at 10th place with a score of 622.60. Vancouver ranked even worse at 15th place, holding a score of 571. 

Several other smaller cities and towns made the top 10 list and ranked above Toronto and Vancouver. Six Ontario cities were in the top 10 rankings – Ottawa, Sudbury, Kitchener/Waterloo, Hamilton, Mississauga and finally Toronto; meaning Ontario is the best province for young Canadians to look for a job. 

Via RBC and Youthful Cities

Check out the full list from RBC and Youthful Cities of the best Canadian cities for young people to find a job: 

  1. Edmonton (713.86)
  2. Montreal (708.13)
  3. Ottawa (697.91)
  4. Sudbury (681.52)
  5. Kitchener/Waterloo (665.63)
  6. Hamilton (655.40)
  7. Quebec City (645.90)
  8. Mississauga (641.81)
  9. Victoria (635.37)
  10. Toronto (622.60)
  11. St. John's (620.34)
  12. Moncton (614.50)
  13. Calgary (600.69)
  14. Kelowna (583.77)
  15. Vancouver (571.00)
  16. Oshawa/Durham (560.77)
  17. Yellowknife (555.35)
  18. Charlottetown (541.73)
  19. Saskatoon (540.73)
  20. Halifax (535.75)
  21. Winnipeg (488.55)

"Canada's job market is changing and we have a collective opportunity to help young people prepare for, and navigate the ambiguities of the future," says Valerie Chort, Vice-President, Corporate Citizenship at RBC, in the news release.

To find out more information about the report, you can check out the full news release from RBC and YouthfulCities. 

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