Many Canadians love Halloween, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is no different. In the past, he has been known to dress up as Superman and Han Solo, as well as some more controversial characters. Despite confirming that he wouldn’t be dressing up for Halloween this year, there were plenty of  “Justin Trudeaus” trick-or-treating on Thursday night, and these Justin Trudeau themed Halloween costumes are sure to make you laugh out loud!

It’s no secret that the Prime Minister and his family usually love the spooky season, and in previous years they have gone all-out with their pumpkin carving and family Halloween costumes, even sharing their adventures on Instagram.

However, after photos emerged during the recent election of Trudeau previously dressing up in blackface, Canada's newly re-elected leader confirmed that he would not be wearing a costume this year.

That said, this didn’t mean there was any shortage of “Justin Trudeaus” out trick-or-treating on Thursday night, as Canadians across the country capitalized on the Prime Minister's dodgy choices in costumes.

Here are some of the best Trudeau-themed Halloween costumes of 2019 ... 

Tru-do's & Tru-don'ts 

Activist and writer Simran Jeet Singh was one of the first people to share their Trudeau-themed costume on social media. Like several others, Singh wasn’t prepared to let Trudeau get away with wearing blackface without at least making a hilarious costume-related dig at him first!

Sharing his costume to Twitter, Singh joked, “I’m Justin Trudeau for Halloween, how are people not getting it?”

Drink Box Trudeau

In what could just be the best costume of Halloween, one Canadian dressed up as Justin Trudeau’s “drink box water bottle sort of thing.”

This costume is 10/10 for creativity, and you can tell they really thought outside of the drink-box.

Justin-e Trudeau?

Sharing a quote from Justin Trudeau when the blackface images resurfaced in the media, one Twitter user posted an awesome image of themself dressed as a female-Trudeau.

Waving a tiny Canadian flag and wearing a navy suit jacket, she wrote, “‘The fact of the matter is that I’ve always—and you’ll know this—been more enthusiastic about costumes than is sometimes appropriate.’ - Justin Trudeau.”

Suit-s You!

Another Twitter user shared a brilliant image of her friend’s costume, writing, “My Indian friend dressed up as Justin Trudeau in Brown Face for Halloween and I F*CKING CAN’T DEAL WITH HER RN LMAO.”

The attention to detail in this costume is astounding, from the Liberal red tie and awkward centre-parting, to the crying-inside smile, it’s almost uncanny.

Trudeau With Props

This scarily-accurate Trudeau has all the props needed to really make you laugh.

From the classic-Trudeau white shirt and navy trousers to the dead-eyes and the pipeline, this Trudeau is the scariest of the lot!

Aladdin Trudeau

If you’ve seen the photos of Justin Trudeau dressed as Aladdin, you’ll understand why this guy’s costume is so perfect.

Sharing the outfit on Twitter, he simply explained, “This Halloween I am going as Justin Trudeau.”

Tiny Trudeau

This could arguably be the best Trudeau costume of 2019. With such a sweet little face and such an accurate little badge, this tiny-Trudeau must have been rolling in the candy on Thursday night.

While there was concern earlier this month that Trudeau-blackface costumes could make an appearance during Canada’s Halloween season, it seems most of the Trudeau-clones have had a little more sense.

While Trudeau decided to give the dressing-up a miss this year, which is probably for the best, these Trudeau-costumes truly stole the show!

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