Last weekend, there was a nasty snow storm that caused over a hundred collisions in Edmonton just on Saturday alone. The roads were slippery and packed with commuters when a driver was forced to drive off into a ditch.

A Canadian driver captured a dash-cam video of the accident where he ended up stranded in a ditch. In the video, you can see that the highway was packed with cars and a silver truck veered into the driver's lane and at the same time, the car in front of the driver came to an abrupt stop. 

The driver quickly swerved into a ditch, narrowly missing another vehicle that was also stopped in the ditch. After ending up in a ditch, it didn't take long before two heroic Canadians came to the driver's rescue and helped him get out of the ditch. Without even asking if the driver needed help, they pulled up their truck and quickly helped them out of the sticky situation.

CTV originally reported that the driver went onto the Facebook group called "Shoutout Edmonton", where he asked if anyone know who the two heroes were and that he wanted to thank them. The two brave good samaritans caught wind of the post and connected with the driver.

@mountainphileembedded via

Nicolas Boucher and Lucas Lemay admitted to not only helping the unsuspecting driver that day, but they also helped five others as well! When they were interviewed by CTV, they admitted that if they were in similar situation, they would hope others would stop to help them like they did. 

We love that these two heroes stopped SIX times in one day, just to help other Canadians that were stranded on the side of the road. 

Source: CTV News

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