While parts of Canada Ontario and British Columbia have experienced a recent warm spell, one Canadian city is literally colder than Siberia right now. Right in the heart of the Canadian prairies, Saskatoon is sitting at a very frigid -43°C with the wind chill today. Meanwhile, in Novosibirsk, the capital of Siberia, the temperature feels like -36°C and that's in the middle of the night with no sun. 

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The cold in Saskatoon is due to an arctic ridge that is passing over Saskatchewan today. With the ridge, there are extremely cold temperatures reaching around -40°C and even the smallest wind can cause a wind chill bringing the temperature down to -50°C. The weather is so bad that it has prompted an extreme weather warning from Environment Canada. 

In fact, the warning covers most of Saskatchewan and parts of Manitoba and Alberta too. Environment Canada warns not only of the dangers of the cold but that these temperatures are going to last all day and into tomorrow morning as well. 

For the rest of the week, Saskatoon is forecasted to have temperatures in the -25°C but feels more like -35°C range. This is actually almost identical to Siberia where the forecast for Novosibirsk also predicts temperatures feeling like -35°C for tomorrow and the next day. The only difference is that Saskatchewan will stay frozen this weekend while Siberia warms up to a balmy -16°C. 

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Siberia isn't the only place either, based on the most recent data, parts of Mars - yes the so far uninhabitable planet - are actually warmer than Saskatoon as well.

Based on the data from the Mars rover on February 2, Mars had a high of -13°C, which is almost 30°C warmer than Saskatchewan right now. 

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With the windchills, Saskatoon is even colder than what has been regarded as the coldest inhabited place on earth. Oymyakon, which is also in Siberia has been described as the coldest place due to the fact that from October to March they have never had a temperature above 0 and their record is -67°C. That makes them the only place other than the Antarctic to get that cold. 

None the less, today they are warmer than Saskatoon. While the windchills are plummeting the Canadian prairie city to -43°C the real feel in Oymyakon right now is actually only -41°C today and that's expected to go up over this week.  

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Fortunately for Saskatoon, the extreme cold isn't going to last forever. Once the arctic ridge passes, Saskatoon temperatures will likely rise back to normal by Wednesday, February 13 and then continue getting warmer by the end of next week. 

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