Many of us have been enjoying the long weekend by eating delicious food, spending time with our loved ones, and getting outside in the crisp fall weather. Meanwhile, some Canadians woke up on Thanksgiving Monday to a scary sight.

In Saint John, New Brunswick an oil refinery has experienced a major explosion that created a giant fire. It's creating such large billows of smoke that it can be seen far and wide in the city of over 60,000 people. 

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Both police and fire officials have been called to Irving Oil as many photos and videos of the fire are circulating on social media. Black smoke is coming off of the fire as the oil is burning still but the situation is being assessed to further be dealt with.

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While there has still been no word on reported injuries, Police have shut down many streets in the city to deal with the exceptionally dangerous situation. 

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Multiple people have commented on social media, as well as speaking to CBC, that the explosion could be felt in homes across the city. Kelsey Vatour posted on Twitter that the "explosion shook the whole house." 

As tragic as it is to wake up to a massive fire on Thanksgiving morning, all we can hope is that the experts can deal with this situation quickly and safely before anyone gets hurt. 

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Source: CBC

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