Well, guys, if I've said it once I've said it a thousand times: 2019 is already going off the rails and we're not even a month in. So far, there's been a 10 year challenge, a viral egg photo, and now... well, now a charming story about a whole lot of drugs. Specifically the story of how one Nova Scotia couple tried - and failed - to smuggle in a whole lot of ecstasy. Although, to be fair, technically the Canadian couple smuggled ecstasy into Canada from Germany, so there's that. 

Okay, let's start at the beginning and establish ourselves a little bit of context. According to a Facebook post on the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Nova Scotia page, the RCMP arrested a Nova Scotia man and woman in their 50s... for trying to bring 1 whole kilo of what is most likely ecstasy to the country.

Actually, scratch that: the couple was successful in getting the ecstasy from Germany to Canada - Montreal, specifically. But officers from the Canada Border Services Agency in the Montreal Mail Processing Centre suspected something was up and flagged the package. Pretty standard stuff so far, is it not?

After the package was apparently revealed to be just straight-up a ton (or kilo, actually) of ecstasy, an investigation was launched that led the RCMP straight to the door of one Nova Scotia couple. 

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The two suspects are in their 50s and were arrested on January 3. But that's not even the most wild part.

The RCMP also searched their home, where they allegedly found... just, all the things. More drugs; drug paraphenalia; cash; electronic devices; the RCMP seized all this and more from the couple's house.

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Obviously, the pair were arrested; and at the moment they're both set to face charges related to drugs. They're also both slated to appear in court this upcoming March.

The couple is still on trial, so we can't know for sure how the story will play out. According to the Controlled Drug And Substances Act, though, possessing Schedule I drugs like ecstasy has a maximum penalty of 7 years in prison; importing Schedule I drugs into the country, on the other hand, could potentially carry a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

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