Some say that the dog days of summer are the best around, while others would argue that it's the fast natured excitement that makes the warmer months so exciting in Canada. 

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Yet, for one Canadian family, what seemed like a slow-moving Sunday was actually quite frightening when their dog, Marley, ran away from home and hopped on a train to the big city. 

For the Andersen family, they were shocked to hear that their beloved family dog had run away after a long walk, only to hop onto a nearby GO train. 

Marley snuck away and ran to Rouge Hill GO Station in Scarborough on the east side of Toronto. The dog rode all the way to the heart and centre of Toronto, arriving at Union Station after sitting through four stops on the 30-minute trip. 

Luckily for the Andersen family, the train's conductor got in contact with them to let them know that he had their dog. Still, Marley was stuck on the train for the rest of its route, so the family had to pick him up at Union Station.

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Kia Andersen said in her facebook status that Marley was super proud of her adventure, which she also called chaos for her family. Above all else, everyone is just happy that Marley is happy and at home where he's supposed to be. 

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