It's no secret that while Canada has been sweeping in other sports that our hockey teams have definitely shocked us with their results. While the women's hockey team did snag silver in their loss to the US and the men's team just won bronze this morning, it still hurts a lot of Canadians to know this year hockey just wasn't our game! Though it seems one professor is still not over that gold medal game loss the women's team experienced earlier in the week. 

A Canadian student who left his university un-named took to Reddit last night to share what his classmates walked into during their lecture earlier this week: 

Via Reddit

Clearly this all took place before the men's team even took on Germany considering the last point: "Canada's hockey glory now depends upon our men's "beer league" team... in light of the NHL's objectively horrible decision." Yikes, wonder what his slides will look like next week. 

As usual, the rest of Reddit sounded off and the comments were almost as funny as the slide itself: 

While we're sure the professor was depending on the men's team to grab gold, at least they won a bronze medal! It's something to definitely still be proud about considering any medal win is going towards the new country record-breaking medal total Canada has this Olympics! 

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