Well, legalization day didn't quite go as planned for one Canadian province and locals certainly aren't happy about it. While the rest of the country was making their legal purchases online or at local shops, most people in Saskatchewan were left completely out of the loop.

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The entire province only had seven stores open and none of them were in the major cities of Saskatoon or Regina. In fact, most communities with shops open had populations of less than 10,000 people. The most highly populated towns with open shops were Moosejaw with less than 34,000 people and Yorkton with less than 17,000 people.

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Saskatoon and Regina are set to eventually have 13 legal pot shops between the two cities. Altogether, the province is supposed to have 51 open shops. However, most of them weren't able to open on legalization day due to low supplies.

As you can imagine, this didn't sit well with people in the communities who were promised pot on legalization day and didn't get it. Reddit users have expressed their frustrations. "I'm actually quite livid right now, and figured I could bring it up to the one and only set of people online that may understand this. Wtf are they even doing about this? What is this? Why though?" one user said.

On top of that, Saskatchewan pot prices are among the highest in the country. The cheapest grams in the province go for around $13 while in Quebec, the least expensive province, cheap grams go for around $5.25. "These prices are actually f*cking ridiculous," one Reddit user commented.

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More shops will slowly open as supply demands are met. Commenters on Reddit also expect prices will go down as time goes on. Our fingers are crossed for you, Saskatchewan.

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Source: Reddit, Global News

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