While most of us are begging for summer to never end, one group of unlucky campers had the rest of their summer completely cancelled. 

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The popular overnight camp run through the YMCA in St. John, New Brunswick was forced to shut down after a bad norovirus spread. It took over both camp staff and campers, getting 92 people in total exceptionally sick. 

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Camp Glenburn has been operating since 1928, but this summer's sickness was so bad that it left almost 100 people with vomiting and diarrhea.

The closure is a response to the virus spreading so far and the next few weeks will be spent vigorously disinfecting the area so that the illness is completely terminated.  

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Public Health for the province actually stepped in and advised shutting down the camp due to this sickness being the second round of the infection. 

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Campers got sick around the end of July when the virus first spread but this time the virus had spread around with speed and mass effect on all those at the camp, including staff members. 

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Parents and camping alumni took to Twitter to share the reaction to the news. Apparently, a norovirus has swept through the camp in the past and this time it's even more disgusting. 

Because the overnight camp is cancelled, the YMCA will be offering a day camp for those non-affected by the illness. 

Norovirus can be exceptionally dangerous as it can lead to fevers and severe dehydration. Be sure to see a medical professional if you are worried that you may be affected. 

Source: CBC

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