The story of the Canadian drug mule caught smuggling 16 million dollars worth of cocaine has finally come to an end after a court in Australia gave her a sentence that made her break down into tears in the courtroom. 

Melina Roberge attempted to plead her case in court at New South Wales, claiming that her role in smuggling the drugs was all so that she could enjoy a $17,000 vacation that she otherwise couldn't afford. Also mentioning that she took the opportunity so that she could "take selfies in exotic locations and post them on Instagram to receive likes and attention." 

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Roberge was one of three Quebec natives who had plead guilty when they were caught attempting to smuggle a whopping 95 kg of cocaine back in 2016 via a cruise ship that would depart for 7 weeks traveling from Britain to Ireland, the United States, Bermuda, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and then Australia. 

The 24-year-old woman now will have to serve an 8-year prison sentence with no parole until she has served at least 4 years and 9 months before she is able to even go back to Canada.

Many are calling the case as a whole a sad example of someone who was "seduced by a lifestyle and the opportunity to post glamorous Instagram photos from around the world." The judge even noting in court "she wanted to be the envy of others. I doubt she is now." 

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It wasn't just Roberge who didn't get off easy, her partner in the crime named Isabelle Lagace who is 29 received 7 1/2 years in prison, who also is predicted to be deported back to Canada after she serves her non-parole period of 4 1/2 years.

The man behind it all still remains unidentified as both girls remain quiet apart from regarding the man as their "sugar daddy," due to fear of repercussions affecting their families back at home. 

Source: Huff Post Canada 

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