We all know that Canadians in general are getting massively ripped off when it comes to the cost of our phone and data plans. In most countries around the world, citizens and travellers alike pay three times less for phone plans that offer three times more in coverage and data. 

However, Reddit user tayyab23 shared a chart showing just how much Canadians in SOME provinces are getting overcharged in comparison to others. The chart below shows the cost of the same phone plan (a smartphone, canada-wide calling, and 10GB of data) and the different price tags associated with it depending on where you live. 

What you can see is that most of our Prairie provinces are paying HALF of what most of Canada is paying for the exact same plan. Those in Quebec pay $40 less than those in most other Canadian provinces. Finally, those from some of our smallest provinces to our largest look to be paying the same rate. If population or geographic distance affects the rate then why do people in Ontario pay the same amount as those in PEI or Nunavut? 

One of the most common comments on the Reddit thread that posted this chart, was that enough was enough and that it needed to become an election issue. To the person who said that, we're right there with you!

Source: Reddit 

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